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Scholarships and discounts

Family discount

Families of 3 or more fencers enjoy the 3-for-the-price-of-2 discount. This discount is available only at teh Stockton location. In case different family members attend different number of trainings weekly, the free membership is at the level not higher than the lower of the paid ones. Please check with the coaches if there is room in the class, first.

College student discount

College students receive 40% discount off the class fee, once every three months. This discount is available to all college students, undergraduate and graduate, who regularly attend trainings (i.e. do not miss more than one training a month, except for ilnesses or injuries).

Scholarships for good students with limited financial means

Good students attending elementary, middle, and high schools in Stockton and surrounding towns, from families with limited financial means, are eligible for our fencing program in Stockton, free of charge. This scholarship program is currently not supported by the City of Stockton, so we can afford to offer only ONE such scholarship per age group. To apply, bring:

Students on this scholarship are required to maintain good academic record (unles this requirement is waived, see above), and to regularly attend trainings at least twice a week (i.e. do not miss more than one training a month, except for ilnesses or injuries).

USA Fencing All-American Academic Team

This is prestigious honor bestowed upon by the USA Fencing, to fencers attending high school, with exemplary academic record. To be eligible for the honor (and associated financial award), you need to be a competitive memeber of the USA Fencing, have GPA above 3.7, and get support from your coach, based on exemplary record of training attendance, sportsmanship, and competitive experience.


Fencing philosophy

Not knowing where you're going is a best way to get some place you've never been.

Book of the Month

EPEE: Combat Manual

by Terence Kingston

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