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Fencing classes and trainings in Stockton, CA

Due to the COVID-19 disease outbreak, authorities have shut down Recreation cennters until further notice.

Things have improved, and we are now ofering individual lessons again. Lessons are outdoors, early or late in the day. First-come, first-served. E-mail to reserve your spot!!!

We hold online one-on-one classes for interested students. You can attend those without restriction, and regardless of your fencing skill. E-mail to set up your lesson.

If you have any suggestion or are willing to help or have question to ask, or if you just feel like chatting, do not hesitate to e-mail, call, or text.

To schedule a trial class in Stockton: please call us at (209) 507-2633, or e-mail us at, or talk to us in person before or after any class.

To sign up:The City of Stockton's Online Class Registration is now up-and-running. Click here to pay yor class fee online, or you can do it in person, at the Center's front desk. Please verify with the coach first there is space in the class. For scheduling questions, please call us at (209) 507-2633, or e-mail us at, or talk to us in person before or after any class.

Arnold Rue Community Center in Stockton is the Delta Fencing Center's main training location for the athletes in California's Central Valley, covering Stockton, Tracy, Modesto, and Lodi area. Some 30 active fencers learn and train in two age groups - Youth (ages 6-12) and Senior (ages 13+, that is: teens and adults), at 6 training sessions a week.

In Stockton, we offer fencing classes, individual lessons, and fencing camps for all ages, from 6 to 106! Come and learn the basics of the modern sport with professional fencing coaches. You'll get to try fencing in full fencing gear. Actual competition-quality fencing epees and electronic scoring equipment are available to all our students, in every class!

Location: Arnold Rue Community Center, 5758 Lorraine Ave, Stockton, CA 95210
The facility is well lit, air-conditioned year around, with parking lot right outside the front door. There is also a great park outside, with a pond, playground, and BBQ/picnic area. Our training room is built for dancing, and has one of the best floors we have ever fenced on. One of the walls is covered with mirror, floor-to-ceiling! The training room can accomodate 10 fencers for footwork and drills, and 3 electronic-equipped fencing strips.

Spring 2020 fencing classes: All in-person classes and trainings cancelled due to COVID-19 desease outbreak.

Online-individual lessons are available every dayE-mail, phone call, or text to schedule.

Class fees: monthly, due before your first class in the month. The fee covers the scheduled classes in a given month. On average, students who train twice a week, may expect 8 classes a month. Similarly, once-a-week students should expect on average 4 classes a month. Please note that the number of classes in a month may differ a bit from month to month, due to different number of days in different months, and due to Federal holidays and days when the Arnold Rue Center may be closed for maintenance.

With us, there is only one single monthly class fee. We do not have annual membership or other layered fees Also, equipment use, including all the fencing gear, is covered by your monthly fee. Full, any-time monthly fees are $119 for 1 class/week, $169 for two, and $229 for 3 classes/week.

Individual lessons: On coaches approval (generally after the two-month introductory period, and after first two mandatory lessons, individual lessons are available, at $35/lesson rate. Lessons are typically scheduled before the group class, but can be negotiated between the athlete and the coach.

If you miss a class: If you are sick, if at all possible, please let us know before the class you are about to miss, and we'll gladly let you come to another class for your age group, as long as you are healthy to our opinion and cleared by your doctor to resume trainings, and as long as there is room on the floor at the time you'd like to come. Please get the coaches approval before you come outside your scheduled training. As long as your account is in good standing (fee paid in full, on time), if you miss half or more of the month's classes or trainings for medical or family emergency reasons, we'll gladly apply your fees to the next month.

If you intend to miss a training because of the school, work, or family engagements, please let us know as soon as you know. We count on you coming, so knowing that you not be at the training is important as it helps us plan the training or class to everyone's, including yours benefit. We'll be happy to help you get your trainings if possible, as long as you let us know about missing training no later than 24 hours in advance. We ask you to not ask for a schedule change more often than once a month.

Prerequisits: None, besides being healthy enough for vigorous exercise (please note that we have wheelchair fencing program, too). We want you happy and healthy; we will do our best to get you in shape and to keep you in shape; however, if at any point the exercise is too difficult, causes you pain, or makes you dizzy or hard to breathe, please feel free to walk it off, or stop and take a seat, until you feel you are ready to contnue. For students with conditions that may get exacerbated with exercise or may unexpectedly act up (epilepsy, diabetes, exercise-induced asthma and similar conditions), we require that a parent or an adult guardian is present.

Equipment: We provide all the fencing equipment - fencing masks, jackets and plastrons, chest plates, gloves, epees and body cords, test and simple repair tools, and electronic scoring equipment. Our students can use club's equipment at any class, training, or a tournament we host, for as long as they want, free of charge.

Dress code: All we ask from you is to come in T-shirt, fencing knickers or long athletic pants or warmups, and sneakers. Please no shorts, dresses, skirts, jeans, cargo pants; leggings/tights/yoga pants, while advertised as athleticwear, are not appropriate for our fencing classes. We also ask you to wear socks which are long enough that the skin between the sock and the pants is not exposed. All boys and men must wear athletic cup, the same kind as used in biking or baseball. Your clothing needs to be clean, with no tears or holes (during fencing the rip can catch the epee's point, so its a safety concern).

Communication: Whenever you want to talk to us, about the class, about the equipment, about your personal goals in fencing, or about the sport in general, we'll be glad to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch via e-mail, text message, phone, or in person, either right before or as soon as the training is over.

If you are a minor, please include your parent or guardian in all the communications.

If you are a parent or a guardian of a minor, please note that it is always about the athlete, and we will always include them in all the communications related to their training with us.

Wheelchair fencing: If you are interested in the wheelchair fencing, we will be happy to teach and train you. Please inquire directly with the coach on duty, or call or e-mail.

Special needs: Due to the nature of the sport, we are unable to accomodate students with special needs.

For students with developmental, behavioral, or learning conditions (Bi-polar, OCD, ASD, ADD, ADHD, PDD, for example), or with an intellectual disability, please notify the instructor BEFORE the beginning of the first class. If in doubt if this activity is appropriate for your child, please contact us BEFORE signing up.

Spectators: Parents, guardians and family members are welcome to stay and watch the class. We ask that they refrain from any activities that draw student's attention, or from interfering with coaches. We also ask that they stay off the fencing floor.

Discipline and safety: The instructors will remove from the activity any student who jeopardizes their own, or other students, or spectators safety, even if un-intentionally.

To learn more: Call us at (209) 507-2633, or e-mail us at


Fencing tidbit

Jean-Joseph Renaud, a member of the fourth place French sabre team in 1908, was the organizer and director of over one hundred illegal private duels. He justified his role in these clandestine encounters by explaining that "generally both parties are so nervous that nobody gets hurt, the offended hero soothes his honor, and everyone goes away happy."

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