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Fencing classes and trainings in Stockton, CA

Fencing classes are available with the coach, one-on-one, either online, or in person. Get in touch to schedule. We still have enough equipment that is clean and in perfect working order. You will be the only one using the equipment.

If you are looking to get your own fencing gear, please get in touch. We'll be happy to guide you, and we also manufacture very high quality epees and body cords, and we have some clothing in select sizes in stock. The club is still having regular orders (just as not often as normally) but you are welcome to join in, and your coach will be happy to help you with selection and sizing.

If you are interested in secong-hand gear in good shape, we have significant inventory. Please get in touch and let us know you are interested in it.

Please make sure you are welcome in the area where you exercise. Even if you believe you are in a public open-use space, check for signs, and ask. Everyone is edgy these days, please be kind and considerate!

To learn more: Call us at (209) 507-2633, or e-mail us at


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