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Fencing classes in Livermore, CA

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Livermore fencing classes (monthly) and summer camps (week-long, half-day) currently accept youth (6 -12), and juniors (12-19). The programs are offered through the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District (LARPD).

NEW: Adults can join the Thursday 7:00 PM class and Friday 5:30 PM class, starting in Jan 2018. Perfect way to vent out the work week, and start your weekend on a good note!

The Robert Livermore Community Center is our location for fencing classes, serving students from the Livermore valley, including Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and Tracy/Mountain House.

Our fencing classes in Livermore are at the monemt for the beginner/intermediate level youth (ages 6 - 12), teens, (12 - 19), and adults (20+). Come and learn the basics of the modern sport with professional fencing coaches. You'll get to try fencing in full, competition-grade fencing gear. We use actual competition-quality fencing epees and electronic scoring equipment in every class!

Location: Robert Livermore Community Center, 4444 East Ave., Livermore, CA 94550
The facility is well lit, air-conditioned, and the parking lot is right outside the front door. The spacious high-ceiling studio can accomodate 12 fencers for footwork and drills, and 4 fencing strips with room to mingle and rest between the bouts. Friends and family members are welcome to stay in and watch the class, as long as they are respectful to the students, and do not interrupt the class, or interfere with coaches.

Winter/Spring 2018 classes & trainings:

Most students train once a week, either on Thursdays or on Fridays. If you have competitive aspirations, we suggest taking two classes a week and talking to your coach about also attending competitive trainings at our other locations, and taking individual lessons. We want our athletes to suceed and will help you to train as much, and reach as far, as you are ready to.

Prerequisits: None, besides being healthy enough for vigorous exercise (please note that we have wheelchair fencing program, too). We want you happy and healthy; we will do our best to get you in shape and to keep you in shape; however, if at any point the exercise is too difficult, causes you pain, or makes you dizzy or hard to breathe, please feel free to walk it off, or stop and take a seat, until you feel you are ready to contnue. For students with conditions that may get exacerbated with exercise or may unexpectedly act up (epilepsy, diabetes, exercise-induced asthma and similar conditions), we require that a parent or an adult guardian is present.

Equipment: We provide all the fencing equipment - fencing masks, jackets and plastrons, chest plates, gloves, epees and body cords, test and simple repair tools, and electronic scoring equipment. Our students can use club's equipment at any class, training, or a tournament we host, for as long as they want, free of charge.

Dress code: All we ask from you is to come in T-shirt, long sports pants or warmups, and sneakers. Please no shorts, dresses, skirts, jeans, cargo pants; leggings/tights/yoga pants, while advertised as athleticwear, are not appropriate for our fencing classes. We also ask you to wear socks which are long enough that the skin between the sock and the pants is not exposed (i.e. "crew" or longer). All boys and men must wear an athletic cup, the same kind as used in biking or baseball. Your clothing needs to be clean, with no tears or holes (during fencing a rip or hole can catch the epee's point, so its a safety concern).

If you have your own fencing gear, we encourage you to bring it to class. Our gear is, however, always available to you.

Special needs: Due to the nature of the sport, we are unable to accomodate students with special needs. For the wheelchair program, please inquire for the program at Stockton location.

For students with developmental, behavioral, or learning disorders (Bi-polar, OCD, ASD, ADD, ADHD, PDD, for example), or with an intellectual disability, please notify the instructor BEFORE the beginning of the first class. If in doubt if this activity is appropriate for your child, please contact us BEFORE signing up.

Spectators: Parents, guardians and family members are welcome to stay and watch the class. We ask that they refrain from any activities that draw student's attention, or from interfering with coaches. We also ask that they stay off the fencing floor.

Discipline and safety: The instructors will remove from the activity any student who jeopardizes their own, or other students, or spectators safety, even if un-intentionally.

To learn more: Call us at (209) 507-2633, or e-mail us at


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