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Armory Services

Welcome to the "Broken Blade", your friendly armory!

For over a decade, our armory services saved many an epee, body cord, reel, and scoring machine's remote control unit.

Let us know which piece of equipment is bothering you - most likely we can fix it, cheaper and in less time than it may take you to make a choice whether to get it fixed, or get a new one :). Yours or our parts, it is up to you! Here is a (probably partial) list of services we perform at the "Broken Blade":

Besides the repair, we can measure all the important properties of your fencing-related items and compare them to standards. You'll get a test report specifying exact measurements, and how they compare to the standards, a.k.a The Rules:

You may give us the equipment for repair at tournaments, leave it at one of our training locations, give it to someone who is coming by, or simply mail it to us. Before you do, please e-mail or call us for the repair time estimate, and for the price quote.

Click here to download complete Price List and warranty information for repairs we perform. If there is anything fencing-related that is not on the list, please e-mail or call us for the repair time estimate, and for the price quote.


Fencing quote

The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Furthermore, they never tell someone when the gymnastics equipment is damaged. How hard is it to mention it to an instructor? - Socrates

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