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About us

Our School of Fencing

We teach fencing by example, in a fun, positive, and safe environment. We believe that every child, girl or boy, woman or man, can fence, regardless of age or athletic ability.

Even though fencing is centuries old, it has been constantly evolving - not just in terms of style, but also as new, more effective ways of fencing were developed. We teach bladework, footwork, and tactical skills, following the Modern German (a.k.a. Beck/Tauber) school of modern Olympic fencing.

As of Fall 2016, at 10 trainings a week, in 3 locations, there are about 65 fencers currently training with us.

Our Members

Delta fencers come from cities around California's Central Valley, covering Lodi, Stockton, Escalon, Riverbank, Tracy, and Modesto, and in Livermore Valley, serving Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, and San Ramon.

Our youngest ones are just over 6, and most experienced over 60 (but who's counting), approximately equal number of males and females. Some have fenced before, but most learned their first fencing moves with us.

Our Athletes Success

Over the years, Delta Fencing Center athletes have participated in numerous competitions. While our main metrics of cuccess is the technical quality of their fencing, and how they portraid themseves as the athletes, there are a few exceptional results we are proud of:

Our Location

Our main training facility is in one of the Stockton's newest, premier recreation centers - the Arnold Rue Community Center, located at 5758 Lorraine Avenue, Stockton, CA. We are training in the dance room, with one wall lined with mirrors, great for posture and footwork exercises; Outside the Arnold Rue center is a great community park with water features, to rest sore eyes after a day of fencing.

Ample parking, free of charge is available in the parking lot, right outside the Arnold Rue main entrance.

Besides the range of fencing classes in Stockton, we also teach fencing classes within the Arts and Recreation programs in Tracy and within the Parks and Recreation in Livermore.

Our Coaches

Zoran Djurisic - Moniteur d'Épée (USFCA), coach (epee, wheelchair). Started fencing in college as a graduate student, Zoran has a decade of competetive experience. Rated fencer, competed as senior and veteran fencer at competitions from The Bay Cup to Pacific Coast Championship and North American Cup. Zoran has trained with several extraordinary coaches, including Abdul Habek (former Morocco's Olympic Coach) and Paul Soter (former US Olympic Men's Epee coach, Athens 2004). Zoran is professional member of the US Fencing Association and a professional coach accredited by the US Fencing Coaches Association.

Zoran holds Doctorate in Chemical and Fuels Engineering from the University of Utah, and post-doctoral studies at University of California, Berkeley in data systems and modelling for thermo-chemical sciences. When not fencing, Zoran works on consulting projects in the areas of air quality, combustion and in novel fuels for your fireplace and barbecue.

Mario Martinez Assistant Coach (sabre)

Andrey Morozov Part-time Coach (epee, foil, sabre)


Fencing quote

The sword is the axis of the world and its power is absolute. - Charles de Gaulle

Book of the Month

EPEE: Combat Manual

by Terence Kingston

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