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Fencing, anyone?

The sport of fencing is a uniquely classic sport. It has a history, drama, romance, style, art, plus all of the advantages of an active physically demanding sport. Mentally it is mind consuming, allowing not a moment’s break. A far cry from the choreographed bouts portrayed on film, the sport of fencing is dynamic, fast and athletic.

There are many benefits to participating in fencing whether as a youth or as an adult. At any age, fencing teaches good sportsmanship and self-discipline. Fencers learn to compete independently as well as for a team; they learn to enjoy winning and to learn from defeats, while becoming physically fit and healthy; and, most importantly, they learn to make complex decisions, analyze problems, and think fast. These ideals help fencers reach their potential in many areas other than fencing.

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Fencing quote

They complained on almost every point in the bout I watched, between a Russian and a Frenchman. Here's how it went: The referee would give the traditional command of "En garde!" (literally, "Start your engines!") and the two fencers would rush together, and instantaneously, before your brain could register anything, various lights would go off, and the referee would make some incomprehensible hand signal, and both fencers would whirl toward the ref, yank off their masks and scream a noise that sounded like "AUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!" (literally, "Wipe the mayonnaise off your eyeballs!!!"). At the same time, in the audience, clots of French persons would scream and hurl garlic. Then one of the fencers, apparently selected at random, would be awarded a point, and the entire process would be repeated. - Dave Barry, Atlanta, 1996

Book of the Month

EPEE: Combat Manual

by Terence Kingston

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Thompson - Pryor, 2012

Div1 Men's Epee Final at 2012 Dec North American Cup

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