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Fencing, anyone?

The sport of fencing is a uniquely classic sport. It has a history, drama, romance, style, art, plus all of the advantages of an active physically demanding sport. Mentally it is mind consuming, allowing not a moment’s break. A far cry from the choreographed bouts portrayed on film, the sport of fencing is dynamic, fast and athletic.

There are many benefits to participating in fencing whether as a youth or as an adult. At any age, fencing teaches good sportsmanship and self-discipline. Fencers learn to compete independently as well as for a team; they learn to enjoy winning and to learn from defeats, while becoming physically fit and healthy; and, most importantly, they learn to make complex decisions, analyze problems, and think fast. These ideals help fencers reach their potential in many areas other than fencing.

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Fencing quote

We have a world full of geniuses without determination, we have a world full of talents without determination, but that’s what makes the difference – when you have a student who is determined to work, and work, and work to improve. - Zoran Tulum

Book of the Month

EPEE: Combat Manual

by Terence Kingston

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Flick to victory

Heinzer wins European Team Championship with Acrobatic Flick

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